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1. It’s been 27 years now that I’ve had a cello to lug around. 😉 I started playing the cello because there was a string instrument program at school. I was already taking piano lessons, but the cello was so exotic! I am eternally grateful for that program and wish music education opportunities on everyone!



2. I'm a student. I follow a business course, do yoga classes, and take the occasional cello lesson. I also love reading blogs, listening to podcasts, and borrowing books on all kinds of topics including language-learning. And I find the human experience and psychology especially interesting. Learning makes life fun.



3. I like music on the chill side. Satie vs Wagner and Sade vs Metallica. Music that falls into the “classical” category is what I am most interested in, but it's nice to freshen things up with switching to pop. I play pop at weddings and I love how its simplicity makes people connect to it immediately! I also love the pop vibe for transitioning into “after work” mode 🙂. There is a place for every kind of music, no?




4. I love to give a concert. I'll think, "this music is fantastic", and when you find something great, you want to share it! 



5. I love 'classical' music, but the culture is annoying. It's an old school where you can find a good measure of snobbery. But not entirely, and this is slowly starting to change! Yippee! Luckily, the music is fantastic, and I wouldn't change that part for the world.



6. My most remarkable wedding performance was thanks to the location. It took place in Newfoundland, at the edge of a high, rocky cliff overlooking sunset on the Atlantic ocean. The most exotic place I have ever played was Ráquira, Colombia.



7. I always have the environment on my mind. I love to do little things that are kind to the earth. I am careful what I eat and what I wear. I even buy my concert dresses second hand. I pick up garbage when I see some on the street. I also do little things at home to reduce waste. I haven’t used plastic wrap since 2003!



8. I love fashion, decorating, architecture, paintings. These are my treats. I love to get to wear something beautiful for a concert or a wedding. And if you come back for another visit, watch out! I rearrange my space often enough that you have to look twice before you sit down…is the chair still there? LOL



9. I'll have an extra extra small coffee. When I think about quartet rehearsals, times in the recording studio or being backstage on orchestra breaks, in my mind's eye there are musicians holding coffee cups. Sadly, a full cup of coffee makes me more jittery than performance jitters! I use a tiny little espresso cup to hold a regular joe. I love the smell and the socializing that comes with coffee.


10. No, I do not play the oboe. It’s funny how many times I am stopped and asked about this when I am out in the city traveling to and from rehearsal. The cello looks nothing like an oboe. For one thing, the oboe is about the length of a toddler, and the cello, well... you know. When I first met Brad, I told him about the oboe questions and he wouldn’t believe me! So you can imagine how satisfied I was the day we were out having breakfast and someone approached our booth to ask “excuse me, but is that an oboe?”

"You made my month. Your music brought me joy!"

                                                             - Kathy, a concert attendee

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