Female Music Artist

"I always felt like less of a musician because I couldn't read music."

"I was interested in learning but felt intimidated."

"I went for some lessons but was frustrated that I couldn't get it."

- great musicians


Indie Conservatory

The Very Basics of Note Reading


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Indie Conservatory

Be the expert of your own artistry.

Learn to read music.

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Learn with a combination of writing, seeing, and hearing the music in action.

Understanding should be simple, clear and fast.

After my Master's degree, I got to expand my horizons and work with a diversity of excellent artists. I loved each experience, except for one thing - many of the musicians I worked with didn't read music.


Why did this bother me? Because it made collaborating awkward, and used up time and money. And I knew this irritation could be avoided! Every musician is capable of reading music. Maybe they just don't know it...


I created Indie Conservatory to teach musicians how to write and collaborate like a boss. Speaking the language of music is essential for every musician, and it's never too late to learn.


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