Anna Wedlock & Catherine Little Perform "A Song for All Seasons"

(Photo credit: Terri-Lynn Warren Photography)

Oh, seeing the summer vines of the beautiful Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia makes my heart sing! Pictured here is violinist Anna Wedlock and me, sitting in a spot we’ve occupied together many times. Over the years, we made friends performing in string duos, trios and quartets all over the province of Nova Scotia and farther afield. I think this golden-hour image makes a perfect analogy for our performance since the doubled string playing and slow tempo creates so much warmth. Enjoy!

About the music: "A Song for All Seasons" was written by Canadian violinist, producer, teacher and composer, Oliver Schroer. This version is an arrangement for violin and cello duo, by Anna Wedlock.

Anna Wedlock lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where she teaches and performs fiddle/ violin. She is also a wonderful arranger. Read more about Anna and her music here:

Many thanks to Anna for the performance and thank you for listening!

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