April showers bring... cello videos

It's April in Nova Scotia and the daffodils and tulips in my yard are halfway up. They hint at a season of sunshine on its way, but for now it still calls for gloves and a down-filled coat. I always look at those flowers on these chilly grey days and tell them to stay strong (while secretly chastising them for being so bold this early), at lease for another month.

I had a friend who found himself in the same fragile predicament as the flowers. He had come to Halifax from Toronto for a job, and soon found out what a tease 'springtime' in Nova Scotia is. One day when he was crossing the Halifax common, the sun finally appeared. It had been WEEKS of cloud cover, and he was desperate! If any of you were there that day, he was the guy who stopped in the middle of the grounds with no shirt on, holding his arms up to the sky like a madman. He must have been a sight amongst passers-by dressed in their winter coats, but I'm not sure he even noticed.

This is the power of the sun, and when it finally comes to Nova Scotia, it's magical. Our short summers are heavenly. Which is why I'm taking a moment to go there now. Here's a little spring/winter escape to a hot and sunny July day on Nova Scotia's south shore.

Our sound guy caught a video of Ian Bent and me during our pre-wedding ceremony warm up, 'Everything I Do', at Shining Waters Marine, July 2021.

Stay well, take care of yourself, and take your cue from my friend and grab some sunshine whenever you can! 🌤️ 🌷 -Catherine

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