Brad Reid and Catherine Little perform "The Christmas Jig"

This tune can be found on Yo-Yo Ma's album entitled Songs of Joy and Peace (it's a great album, by the way!). On this particular recording featuring Yo-Yo and Natalie MacMaster, The Christmas Jig is followed up with The Mouth of the Tobique Reel. In case you are unfamiliar with it, the Tobique is a river in New Brunswick. Hearing the reel always makes me think of a past cello student of mine, Kristy, who is no longer with us. Originally from New Brunswick, she told me her father always said his sister was the mouth of the Tobique! I just loved that joke and it still gets me! This performance is dedicated to my many wonderful students over the years, from whom I learned so much and enjoyed getting to know, and especially to Kristy, who absolutely loved music and the cello. Enjoy!

Natalie MacMaster wrote The Christmas Jig, which I have to say is really fun to play. My partner Brad Reid is a Cape Breton-style fiddler and a long time Natalie MacMaster fan, and I am, of course, a Brad Reid fan. So when I talk about "my second favourite fiddler", Brad rolls his eyes because he knows I am referring to Natalie, and also that I'm doling out over-the-top compliments (yes, Brad is number 1, of course!). It is, however, a two-way street. In our house, the cello player is affectionately known as Yo Mama. So there you have it, you can either leave now to listen to my second favourite fiddler perform with

Yo-Yo Ma, or just stick to this here recording of my very favourite fiddler with Yo Mama. ;) !

Brad Reid is a Nova Scotian fiddler and multi-instrumentalist. He performs in a number of capacities and styles, and through his work as a musician has traveled the world over. His latest gig was playing a variety of wind and string instruments while skating in Cirque du Soleil's touring ice show, Crystal. He recently released a 'fiddle-fusion' album entitled NEW Scotland. Find Brad and the more on the new album at:

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