Ellen Gibling and Catherine Little Perform "Burgundian Carol"

Even when there's only a mere harbour separating two musicians, the way things are these days, playing together still sometimes needs to happen virtually. I know many of you out there know the feeling, if you've ever met someone for "coffee" online ;) In any case, I had a great time playing with Ellen, and I have to admit that moment when I stick the two parts together on the computer and hear the results for the first time is very exciting! While the harp is a versatile instrument, I have to say the classic Christmas repertoire never gets old. Thank you Ellen for your wonderful performance!

Ellen Gibling is originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia. She is currently a busy freelance harpist in the city. She performs with the classical flute and harp duo, Conundrum, an environmental improvisation ensemble called New Heritage, the orchestral pop band The Heavy Blinkers and Irish traditional trio Síle. Read more about Ellen here: http://ellengibling.ca/

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