Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! A look back on Summer, 2021

I hope you enjoyed your weekend. It was Thanksgiving here in Canada, which for me truly marks the end of summer. I thought this might make a good opportunity to look back on some seasonal moments that were captured in photos and on video. Pictured above is a table setting from a July wedding elopement where Brad Reid and I performed. Below are some other sweet details from that day. (photo credit:Tanya Canam Photography)

This August seaside wedding happened at the Shining Waters Marine on Nova Scotia's south shore:

That was a sunny, hot day- luckily Ian Bent and I found the perfect spot to play in the shade. Here's a video of us warming up with Bryan Adams' Everything I Do:

Elopements were popular this past summer! This one happened on the beach at the Quarterdeck Resort near Liverpool, Nova Scotia. Pictured here is Brad Reid and me, performing for guests from a deck overlooking the beach. (photo credit: Marie Roy Photography)

Here's another warm-up video. You can really tell it's a warm up and not the performance if you get a glimpse of my shoes! Plus there are a few wires and bags that aren't neatly stored the way they are by the time the wedding guests show up. In this clip Ian and I are playing Can't Help Falling in Love on the roof of the Prince George Hotel in downtown Halifax.

Our latest wedding of the season took place at Fox Harb'r resort, on Nova Scotia's north shore. The clouds were threatening and the wind chilly, but magically, the sun arrived with the appearance of the bride! Afterwards, Brad and I played cocktail music from inside this cozy heated tent.

This video was captured from where we sat near the entrance of the tent. There are two short clips, the first is Corcovado (Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars), and the second one, I won't give away. You get a prize if you can guess what it is in the comments below!

Thanks for reading, listening and sharing! Keep well, and see you on the 20th!


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