Introducing the Viola d'Amore!

After all of these years of studying and performing music, I had yet to come across this instrument. It's exciting to discover instruments that are no longer, or maybe never were, well known. Musical instruments are inventions, and just like non-musical ones, some stick around, and some don't. There's a post on my @indieconservatory instagram account which features unusual instruments I encountered last year during my travels in Russia. I had fun taking so many photos, but nothing beats getting to hear an instrument and to play along!

Lauren and Andre, who play early music together in Halifax, invited me to join them to cover the bass-line to some viola d'amore duos. I asked them if I could record something for my audience because I know some of you will be curious to hear it too! There are two videos in this post- a short performace from a viola d'amore sonata for two, and one for the keeners: an interview with Lauren Klein about the viola d'amore. Thanks for listening and for passing along! Enjoy!

Lauren Klein is a violinist and Suzuki violin teacher. She also plays baroque violin and viola d'amore and is involved in the Early Music Society of Nova Scotia.

Andre Pretzel is a violist and Suzuki teacher in Nova Scotia. He is also a pro bread-baker and takes orders in Halifax! ;)

Thank you Lauren and Andre for your time and talents and sharing with us!

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