Laura Sinclair and Catherine Little perform "La Calle 92"

Press play and go with us Buenos Aires! And if you have a tango partner at hand, by all means... What interesting sounds are happening on 92nd Street! The viola part gets the bulk of the fun musical indications like glissando (sliding the pitch up or down) sul ponticello (play so close to the bridge the tone becomes silvery, like feedback) and látigo (whip!). Best of all is the appearance of the chicharra, or cicada, at the very end. Sounds to me like maybe he didn't make it...

About the viola: Although not as unusual as the viola d'amore, the viola is still not quite as well known the violin. Notice it's quite a bit bigger, and Laura's instrument even has the sides cut out so she can more easily reach up the fingerboard. You'll also hear its deep tone- the violin is the soprano voice and the viola, the alto.

Laura Sinclair is originally from New Brunswick and currently lives in Delray Beach, Florida. Laura is the assistant-principal violist for the Symphony of the Americas, and is an active freelancer in the South Florida music scene. She runs a busy studio teaching Suzuki violin and viola, and is also a member of Trio Wolfe, an all female, fierce, string trio specializing in bridging the gap between classical and rock music:

Many thanks to Laura for her wonderful performance! Thanks also Laura for accidentally matching our outfits, despite your need for 'sleeveless' and mine for wool!

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