Our Community Music Project is Published!

Back in February of this year, I put a call out to readers to send me a very short video of themselves performing one musical note. The plan was to put all of the notes I received together to make a piece of music. Mission accomplished! Thank you Bill, Peter, Terry, and Jude for the fun sounds you sent back! I thought it might be fun to have more participants, so I asked some musicians who performed the "12 Days of Music" (December, 2020 project) if they would send notes too. All in all, I received 13 notes, which I had fun making into a weird and wacky composition. Poor Jude's got left out (not because it wasn't excellent), so it's destined for something in the future...

Here it is below:

As always, thanks for reading and sharing! There's never any pressure to write me back, just enjoy! If you do want to chat, please leave me a note in the comments below, I am very happy to hear your questions and thoughts!

Until next time, take care and enjoy yourself!


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