Simon-Philippe Allard and Catherine Little perform "Cradle Song"

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Not that long ago I wrote a blog comparing chamber music to donuts. I really do love them both. Of course, they are not equal, I would take an opportunity to play a duet like this one over a chocolate-glazed any time! It's such a pleasure to have a musical conversation, and one with dear friends. The Nova Scotia to Maryland connection worked out so well, I asked Simon-Philippe if he wanted to see if we could manage this conversation as far as the United Kingdom... Many thanks SP, for taking on this project!

Cradle Song is number three in a collection of eight duets by Reinhold Glière, written in 1909. Interesting fact- Glière was well-liked by Joseph Stalin! At least his music sounded 'patriotic' enough to avoid any trouble, if you know what I mean.

Simon-Philippe Allard is originally from Québec and currently lives in London, England. He has also lived in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where for over a decade, he played violin as a member of Symphony Nova Scotia. He currently works as a freelance violinist, performing across the UK with orchestras, ballet and opera productions, and everything in between. Simon-Philippe also has a love for chamber music and is looking forward to the day when he can play it "in person" again!

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