Taco Bell, Pachelbel

Valentine's Day is coming up, and it always makes me think of the Canon and Gigue for three violins and basso continuo. You probably don't know the gigue, but chances are excellent you have heard the Canon. I myself have heard the canon about 300 times, maybe more. I have played it a LOT. There was a time when Pachelbel's Canon was the most popular tune to walk down the aisle to. It's kind of gone out of fashion, but it comes up now and again as a ceremony music request.

Just thinking about this music makes me think of so many memories- the first time I played it (I think I was 12), the biggest audience I ever played it for (when our student quartet opened for a Rankin Family for a large crowd in an arena in 1999...? I think that was the year). I remember first loving it, then hating it, then coming around again... I think of the corny name we young music students had for it, and roll my eyes at how I once thought it was funny. Okay, you guessed it, it was Taco Bell Canon... yeah, hilarious, I know! Then I think of my new name for it, and how one day I will probably look back on that and roll my eyes once again- it's The Shoe Song (go ahead and ask me in the comments below... I'll come clean and tell you why I gave it this name!) I also think of how unescapable this piece of music is, when you play the cello... Pachelbel's Canon is unescapable for most of us, but for cellists, believe me, it's on another level.

Pachelbel's Canon not only conjures up love, thanks to its strong association with marriage, but it makes me think of friendships, people who played it with me, and my passion for chamber music.

As such, I have decided to make this Pachelbel Canon post a tiny trilogy- there's so much to talk about I just couldn't do it in one go. To start, I got together with me, myself, and I this evening to make a miniature Pachelbel arrangement for 4 cellos, filming with my smart phone.

Please enjoy Part 1 of 3 in my Taco Bell / Pachelbel Series

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Happy Valentines!


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