Taco Bell, Pachelbel, Part 2

Happy 20th, or as it is known in my house, email day! I hope this finds you well, enjoying all the good things, people and moments around you. Or perhaps enjoying some restful time to yourself. Either way, let's have a bit of fun with Pachelbel's Canon in D!

If you have never heard this music, then you obviously haven't been spending enough time hanging around the drugstore. 😂 Guaranteed, it's in that section that sells classical music CDs with the sounds of ocean waves or the birds of the rainforest in the background. Or do they still sell relaxation CDs in drugstores..? Canon in D was a mainstay in those sets.

Back when I was in high school my family had this disc in our collection called The Only Classical CD You'll Ever Need. Remember that one? No question the Canon was in there too. You get the picture, it's quite well known and well loved. Have another listen if you want to, just head over to my last post, Taco Bell, Pachelbel.

If you are thinking about becoming a wedding cellist, you're in luck! In a string quartet, the cellist gets to play the easy part. It's so easy, I'll teach it to you right now. If you've got an instrument of any kind, even just the one you were born with, then feel free to play or sing along. Here are the notes:

D A B F# G D G A

Did you count eight notes? Just repeat those for about five minutes, or until one of the violinists gives you a wink, and you're done! The string quartet's cellist definitely gets the best pay per note, when performing the Canon. 😉 You're welcome for the tip!

Now that you've been practicing, it's time for a break from your hard work. Here's short clip of our string quartet playing something you will surely know. If you haven't heard this pop tune, OR the Canon, you have been living under a rock! Have a listen- what do you think of the quartet version?

Back to Pachelbel's Canon in D! Now that we've talked about it, and you've learned to sing/play it, you need a little background info. Here it is:

  • Original title: Canon and Gigue for Three Violins and Basso Continuo

  • Basso continuo: Basically means the bass line (played by the cello)

  • Composer: Johann Pachelbel

  • Canon: it's pretty well a round, as in Row Row Row Your Boat. Except the cello stays out of it and plays this 8-note basso continuo line

  • The Shoe Song: My not-so-secret name for it (although nobody has asked me yet why I call it that-hehe)

Here's a guy who's got the Canon figured out. This video has been floating around in cyber-space for quite some time, but I still think it's great (even if Rob does make fun of cellists 😂) ! If you listen carefully, you can hear those eight notes I taught you in each pop-tune, and you might just discover you've known this music all along. Enjoy!

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