Wow, 2021! The crazy ride continues, but stick with me, we always have music!

The big excitement in my day is a walk through the park on the way to get groceries. haha! But, actually, it looks quite beautiful, no? LOVE this time of day, any time of year!

And how cute is this?!? My music education is online these days, except for visits from a little niece who comes over once a week with her 1/8 sized cello.


Remember those 12 music videos I sent between December 11th and 31st? Well, the response was great- it's so fun that you enjoyed the music and the element of surprise. I'd like to keep going with sending you music and surprises I'm currently coming up with ideas on how to do it even better, or more elaborately! I will be launching a project later in the month, so stay tuned. For those who already contacted me and were waiting to hear about this today, just hang in there a little longer until I get the kinks of the entire plan ironed out. Thank you!

Thanks for reading, passing along and encouraging your friends to subscribe at:

See you in a week or two with the launch of this new and exciting project!


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